Generally speaking

Supervision is a respectful interruption of our work to set up reflective dialogue through which we learn. Cf: adapted from “Supervision as transformation”– Robin Shohet

Supervision has a transformative function because the focus is on developing awareness, learning and development of the supervisee.

Supervision has a support function because it allows the supervisees to release their emotions in a safe space, to take a step back, and to develop new looks.

What I believe about supervision

Supervision is above all a personal reflection on our posture as professional.

The supervision is an enabler to put things into perspective, to identify our grey zones, and to put down the questions that it is sometimes difficult to carry alone.

There is a parity relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee: the quality of the relationship and the ability to show vulnerability allows the two partners to explore and co-create together

Coaching supervision

How does supervision with me look like?

Supervision with me is knowing and feeling that as a coach or a manager, we are not alone in exploring the dead ends we find ourselves in and the questions we ask ourselves.

It is knowing and feeling there is someone at our side with head, heart and intuition to explore our fallow land and co-create safely.

Also see possible options of supervision by multiple supervisors.

Coaching - Dialogue et apprentissage

You are a coach :

Supervision is an absolute necessity, underlined by all the codes of ethics of professional associations.

In this context, you periodically share your professional experiences, your questions, your feelings … with your supervisor in order to initiate a reflexive dialogue and collaborative learning.

This helps you to adopt the most appropriate posture vis-à-vis the clients with whom you conduct your interventions.

Supervision takes place either individually or in groups.

Supervision - Partage d'expériences et de challenges

You are a leader :

Sometimes you are alone and helpless when it comes to your organizational responsibilities and the motivation of your teams.

Having a supervisory space where you share your experiences, challenges and questions allows you to broaden your perspectives and explore your practices. This will help you adopt the right posture as a leader and make a major contribution to the efficiency of your teams.

Supervision takes place either individually or in groups.


“I want to speak first of your powerful, respectful and gentle presence. I also remember your judicious use of systemic reflection, the in-depth exploration of the feelings of your supervisee, and the attention you pay to leave your supervisee in his power and thus allow him to learn in a lasting and motivating way.

I think humour is also an ingredient that you can add to the explosive cocktail that makes your supervisor identity.

I worked with you in pleasure and in total confidence”

Virginie Brunel, coach certifiée PCC

“Taking a step back and analyzing the case brought me to several levels, with a wealth of information and differentiated perceptions;

Feeling of being welcomed with “who I am”, as a person, with kindness and listening.

I leave nourished, having the feeling of having learned and progressed.”

Sabine Denis, certified Executive Coach

“I took a car with a large trunk where I can accumulate all my experiences and my coaching projects. When my trunk is too full and everything gets tangled up, I stop “Chez Marie-Jeanne” which opens up my area of supervision: this is where, with the help of Marie- Jeanne, I put gas in my car, I share what I have accumulated in my trunk. And thanks to her listening and her questions, I discover greener and more pleasant ways to offer to my coaches. I let myself be challenged by Marie-Jeanne on my choices or my limiting judgments or beliefs, which I simplify, but also that I feed on. From these step breaks “at Marie-Jeanne’s”, I come out better connected to my clients with more energy and more perspective. These steps allow me to have more impact as a coach but also to take the time to take stock of the choices of my future destinations by ensuring that they correspond to what is really important for me and my coachee.”

Anne-Françoise Macq, Mentor Coach